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Mice, Rat and Vermin Control In Pembrokeshire and South West Wales

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Expert mice, rat and vermin control

If you are in need of either mouse control or rat control, you will understand that time is of the essence. Both species are capable of spreading disease. They can gnaw through electric wires, damage walls and leave their droppings everywhere especially on counter tops in their search for food.

By using Apest Control's discrete service your neighbours need never know you have pest or vermin problems. Choose Apest Control’s 24 hour pest control service. We get the job done quickly and efficiently.
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We can help with vermin control

Having rats or mice in your home or business could be dangerous! With Apest Control, you don't have to worry about those rodents again! With our fast, efficient and discrete service, we'll get rid of those pesky pests for you so you can rest at ease. Don't forget, rats and mice spread diseases! Contact Apest Control today for eradication and advice services.
For expert mice, rat and vermin control in Pembrokeshire and South West Wales, call 01834 811 344
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