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Mole control services in Pembrokeshire and South Wales

Have moles ruined your garden with mounds of soil? For efficient mole control get in touch with Apest Control. Fully insured for your peace of mind. We serve domestic and commercial customers across Pembrokeshire and South West Wales. Don't let moles ruin your garden, choose Apest Control’s 24 hour pest control service. 
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Mole removal services

Moles may look cute but they can cause extensive damage to your garden in a short period of time. They are shy and can be very elusive. They can be extremely difficult to remove from your garden without the necessary equipment and skill. Apest Control have the necessary tools and experience to remove moles from your property in a humane way. Please contact Apest Control today to discuss your requirements.
For mole control services, call Apest Control on 
01834 811 344
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