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Squirrel control services in Pembrokeshire and South Wales

Squirrels multiply twice a year, giving birth to between 6 and 8 kittens and can live up to six years. They can find attics and lofts as attractive places to nest which can be a real problem for home owners. They can tear up loft insulation to use as bedding and also chew timbers, stored items and electrical wiring. These are just some of the reasons why squirrels can be a nuisance. If you have problems with squirrels, contact the experts at Apest Control for squirrel control. 
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There is no guarantee for treatments ‘outside’ as squirrels killed are often quickly replaced by others. Inside treatments are guaranteed to eliminate the current population but not any squirrels that arrive afterwards. To help prevention of this occurrence, the access points must be sealed as soon as the present infestation is eliminated. For help and advice, contact Apest Control.
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